For the Love of Love

February……….. The month of enchanting love and magical moments,

I think when you love make-up as much as I do, you can call it a passion… RIGHT? But of course, I am passionate about a lot of things and I do consider myself a passionate, hopeless and oh so soppy romantic…

In fact, not so long ago, on one beautiful Valentines day, I met a knight in shining armour, a handsome, oh so funny gentleman… it was a world wind romance, we slow danced, laughed till our tummies hurt, played under the stars and lived the island lifestyle for a while… I can safely say that it was moment of enchanting love and many many magical moments.


Now imagine living these moments for 68 years – this Valentines day 2018, I got the chance to witness love in its purest form, a love so strong and so true, that I now know what a soulmate is… They do exist, they really do!!!


So let me tell you the story… it all started when I received a call from Jane Linley Thomas, who as usual, was in the throws of orchestrating a massive plan!  Now I must stop for just a moment to reflect on how excited I get when I see Jane’s name on my cell… because I know that whatever she is going to chat with me about, always brings me such joy.


And WOW! Joy it brought me in abundance… The snot en trane sort of joy… sigh! love really does make the world go round…


Now let me tell you about these love birds, Mrs Asher is 101 years old and together with the amazing ECR team, I got to be part of creating this magical moment. Mr and Mrs Asher renewed their vows after 68 years of marital bliss with me as the MUA designate.


I must tell you that Mrs Asher still has a skin care regiment… YES You preach it Mrs Asher, she is almost wrinkle free and her secret, she massages her face every night before going to bed.


When asking Mr Asher what the secret to their marriage was, his reply was “ We agreed that I would make all the big decisions and she would make all the little decisions, but of course there were no big decisions so …. And he smiled… Happy Wife, Happy Life!


Once Mr Asher was dressed, he comes into the bedroom to ask his beautiful wife if he looks fine, and she goes “No no no Peter not that belt!!!” It was so precious seeing that at 97 years old he still asks his wife about the way he looks.


My favourite part was putting on the brides lip colour and she asks, “Is it kiss proof? “   and once the ceremony was over they retire to their beautiful room at Tafta, Mrs Asher smirks “ we’re off to bed now” . Just the cutest couple ever!!


Also let me just mention that Mr Asher has been blind for the last 16  years and Mrs Asher is confined to a wheelchair, yet he wheels her around like he knows exactly where he is going, the trust between them is amazing, they held hands all the time, she fed him his cake, he made sure to kiss his bride when told to do so during the ceremony.  Priceless moments I tell you!


We all laughed as Mrs Asher made sure to tell the Reverend that she will not obey Mr Asher, its almost like she knew the future was female… TEE HEE


Tears streamed down all our faces as we witnessed this amazing and special kinda love… so fairy tales, knights in shining armor and True Love does exist…. Double Sigh!! And so I will  continue to believe that Love conquers all.

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